Adrian Meyer

“Using Tensorflow for Infrared UAV-based Wildlife Detection” | “Machine Learning for Land Use / Land Cover Statistics of Switzerland” | “Deep Learning using Airborne Imagery”

Andrew Carter

“Messaging with Satellites from Anywhere on the Planet” | “Spotting Sharks with the TensorFlow Object Detection API”

Andrew Smith

“PyViz for Mapping Global Shipping”

André Zehnder

“Geodata Processing and Webservices with Python and Azure”

Anmol Krishan Sachdeva

“Understanding and Implementing Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs): One of the BIGGEST Breakthroughs in the Deep Learning Revolution”


“Digital Farming: Fertilise Variably Based on Satellite Data”

Balázs Dukai

“Working with 3D city models in Python”

Chenfu Wang

“Geomapping with Pyecharts(Echarts.js)”

Clemens Rudert


Daniel Rettenmund

“Deep Learning using Airborne Imagery”

Denis Jordan

“Deep Learning using Airborne Imagery”

Dietrich Schröder

“Simulation and Visualization of Gully Erosion – a Work-in-Progress Report”

Dmitry Karpov

“Spatial data in real-time apps with Python”

Freja Hunt

“Automating the definition and optimization of census sampling areas”

Germán Carrillo

“Python as an integrator of technologies to support modernization of land administration in Colombia”

Giulia Carella

“Site planning with Geopandas and CARTO”

Ilja Rasin

“Detect and Remediate Bias in Machines Learning Datasets and Models” | “Building a Secure and Transparent ML Pipeline Using Open Source Technologies”

Jiří Kadlec

“Open source web-based tool for quality control of large spatial datasets”

Joris Van den Bossche

“Introduction to geospatial data analysis with GeoPandas and the PyData stack”

Joseph Kaelin

“Getting Data out of CAD and into Python”

Just van den Broecke

“GeoHealthCheck: QoS Monitor for Geospatial Web Services”

Knut Hühne

“Wikidata - a new source for geospatial data”

Kristiaan Joseph

“Python in a Geologist’s Backpack”

Luis Calisto

“Scientific Geo-Computing using Python. How we teach it at ITC”

Marco Bernasocchi

“PyQGIS the comfortable way - tricks to efficiently work with Python and QGIS”

Martin Christen

“Closing Session & Raffle” | “Opening / Annoucements”

Martin Pike

“Getting Data out of CAD and into Python”

Martin Renou

“ipyleaflet - A Jupyter-Leaflet bridge enabling interactive maps in Jupyter”

Marvin Bensch

“Analyzing geospatial data using GeoPandas”

Matej Aleksandrov

“Bridging Earth Observation data and Machine Learning in Python”

Matic Lubej

“How to structure EO data for ML workflows”

Matteo Nastasi

“HyBridge: an open-source framework for QGIS desktop - Web Application interoperability.”

Michael Gfeller

“Building a bus rapid transport system simulator with SimPy and GeoPandas”

Michael Zwick

“Automated and reproducible object creation from swisstopo 3D geo data for a VR app with Python and FME”

Mike Müller

“Modeling of Subsurface Flow and Transport with Dynamic Boundary Conditions”

Miroslav Šedivý

“A Day Has Only 24±1 Hours” | “Python from “Hello World” to “Fit for GeoPython” in 180 Minutes”

Paolo Tormene

“The Integrated Risk Modelling Toolkit: a QGIS plugin driving the OpenQuake Engine”

PJ Hagerty

“The Pony Express and How Technology Moves Fast”

Rachel Keay

“Coastline mapping with python, satellite imagery and computer vision.”

Ram Rachum

“PySnooper - Never use print for debugging again”

Régis Longchamp

“Introduction to Spatial Data Processing using FME and Python”

Reimar Bauer

“The Mission Support System”

Rok Mihevc

“Terrain segmentation with label bootstrapping for lidar datasets, case of doline detection”

Serhii Hulko

“Accelerating distances calculations using GPU”

Shreya Khurana

“Bayesian modeling with spatial data using PyMC3”

Stanis Trendelenburg

“Using Python to build a scalable realtime information system for a railway service”

Stark, Hans-Jörg Prof.

“Sporty Python” | “Python and QGIS - a powerful and lovely partnership” | “Raspberry Pi & Camera”

Sylvain Corlay

“ipyleaflet - A Jupyter-Leaflet bridge enabling interactive maps in Jupyter”

Tom Kralidis

“GeoHealthCheck: QoS Monitor for Geospatial Web Services”

Ture Friese

“Building a bus rapid transport system simulator with SimPy and GeoPandas”

Vinícius Cruvinel Rêgo

“Geoprocessing for Agricultural Analysis using Python: Case study of the Baixio do Irecê Irrigation Perimeter”