Geomapping with Pyecharts(Echarts.js)
2019-06-26, 09:30–10:00, Room 2

The talk present the work in creating thousands of static map assets for data analysts and scientists who uses pyecharts, a python interface to Echarts.js.

There exists a need for a readily available maps for python developers who are not yet familar with geo-information processing. The need could simply be to draw a Choropleth map that illustrates the product sales in different regions of a country. However, this need could potentially ruin a few weekends of this particular developer, because the amount of research work is huge. Sometimes, this need is dropped because before the Choropleth map will be drawn, the deadline for the presentation is passed.

Hence the open source effort to satisfy this need started. Pyecharts user could instantly use the map assets of more than 200 countries of the world, and thousands of Chinese regions: 2883 countries/city districts, 370 provincial cities,
28 provinces/automous regions of China.

The talk covers the following topics:

  1. the techniques used in creating the existing mapping assets
  2. the integration of echarts.js with python, especially with jupyter notebook
  3. the way to create your own map assets