Germán Carrillo

MSc. in Geoinformatics from the University of Münster (Germany) and passionate about free software in geomatics. I'm one of the administrators of GeoTux, a website to promote and share knowledge on that subject.

I'm QGIS and R maptools contributor, coordinator of the Colombian QGIS User Group and an OSGeo-es charter member.

I currently work for the Swiss cooperation in Colombia, implementing QGIS plugins in Python to support the modernization of land administration in the country.


Python as an integrator of technologies to support modernization of land administration in Colombia

Python is the main language used to integrate several technologies and develop a QGIS plugin for interoperable land administration in Colombia following the ISO:191152 (LADM). The "LADM_COL Assistant" plugin consists of user interfaces for some underlying Java technologies, as well as for data capture, spatial operations and topology validations on cadastral data.