Digital Farming: Fertilise Variably Based on Satellite Data
2019-06-26, 14:45–15:15, Room 1

The talk is about Digital Farming. How usage of satellite and geospatial data makes traditional farming as digital. The talk will show how remote sensing data from Sentinel-2 satellite can be used to calculate vegetation indices, detect clouds, track biomass (vegetation) and make recommendations for field fertilization.

Agriculture is one of those industries that resisted digitalization long time. It was happening because agriculture is one of the most traditional industries that relies mostly on developed by many years of experience and resists any dramatic changes. But today latest technologies are changing many traditional industries dramatically and they move industries towards digitalization. Agriculture and Farming are not exceptions. Among many modern technologies, satellites play the major role in changing farming and making it digital. Satellites are a source of a big amount of valuable data. They bring a new generation of farming industry, where you can make many decisions for industry challenges based on analysis of satellite data. One of such challenges for farming is fertilization. The talk focuses on fertilization and shows how to base a fertilization decision on satellite data. It is a step towards digital farming.
The talk includes many subtopics, such as vegetation indices calculation, cloud detection, biomass tracking, fertilization recommendations based on satellite data and many other geospatial challenges. Also, the talk will give a general overview of farming digitalization and show which approaches and technologies are currently used to make farming digital.