Matteo Nastasi

Django applications design and development.
Geographical replication of a huge mysql database infrastructure and development of a consistent method to migrate to different schemas without down of services.

Led a team to develop a multimedia middleware to offer a set of hi-level services (playback, recording, tuning, etc) for set-top-boxes with Broadcom, Sigma Design and Toshiba chipsets.

Embraced Agile methodologies to better manage the development and communication with other teams (SCRUM, pair programming, test driven development).

Planning and managing development of new software features using an a-feature-at-a-time approach to minimize debugging time and customer-care pressure.

Experience on geographical databases distribution at server level (mysql multinode replication) and software issues (architectural changes to avoid races on data).

Negotiation of software interfaces with other teams.

Specialties: Languages: a perfect knowledge of C and C++ languages, a fair knowledge of Python and Java.
Scripting Languages: a perfect knowledge of PHP (4 and 5) and Bash Shell Scripting, a fair knowledge of Python, Javascript, actionscript.
Toolchains: creation and use of the ambient for the cross-compilation (x86=>MIPS) under GNU/Linux.
Regression testing: a good experience in the development of environments for software testing, from basic till the reproduction of complicated scenarios.

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HyBridge: an open-source framework for QGIS desktop - Web Application interoperability.

We implemented a web-socket server into QGIS, creating fully asynchronous and stateful bidirectional communication channel between QGIS plugins and web applications, therefore making it possible to drive QGIS functionalities from web applications and vice versa when available.