Paolo Tormene

I hold a PhD in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, from the University of Pavia for which I won the Marco Ramoni doctorate award in 2010. Member of the GEM software development team since October 2013, I lead the development of GEM’s QGIS Plugin ( which provides graphical tools to pilot the OpenQuake engine, load hazard and risk results as map layers, and allows the user to develop Social Vulnerability models within an integrated GIS environment. As a counterpart to the QGIS client software, I also lead development of the OpenQuake platform Social Vulnerability and Integrated Risk web applications and the associated web APIs used to integrate the QGIS client with the platform. I also collaborate with the rest of the development team, in particular for OpenQuake engine code reviews and for custom application and API development in the OpenQuake platform.

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The Integrated Risk Modelling Toolkit: a QGIS plugin driving the OpenQuake Engine

This QGIS plugin allows users to drive OpenQuake Engine calculations of physical hazard and risk, and to load the corresponding outputs as QGIS layers. Those outputs are automatically styled and can be further explored through interactive data visualization tools that are provided by the plugin.