Python from “Hello World” to “Fit for GeoPython” in 180 Minutes
2019-06-24, 10:00–13:00, Room 2

Enough Python to get you started for all the wonderful GeoPython talks and workshops.

A quick introduction to Python 3.7 and its standard library. We'll write together a very simple geographical program. At the end you'll be able to follow and understand the syntax of the Python code snippets presented in other talks and workshops. Some previous programming experience in any other language is an advantage.

  • installation: you can already install Python 3.7 (or 3.6) before the workshop
  • “hello world”, running scripts
  • interactive mode with IPython and Jupyter Notebook (you may install these)
  • variables: bool, int, float, str, tuple, list, set, dict
  • string formatting
  • conditions, loops
  • user interaction
  • reading and writing files
  • functions
  • modules
  • standard library: datetime, math, random, pathlib, pickle, gzip, csv, json, argparse, logging, subprocess, …
  • testing (with pytest: you may install it)

Encore (names of the third party libraries you could install):
- pandas: a better spreadsheet at your fingertips
- pytest: automatic testing of your code
- pytz: time zone definitions