Introduction to Spatial Data Processing using FME and Python
2019-06-24, 16:30–18:30, Room 2

FME is a great and affordable tool to process data. It has a full list of build-in connectors and tools that make spatial processing easy. This workshop will show how Python can enhance all these functionalities.

FME is a widely used spatial ETL in the geospatial field. It is considered to be the Swiss army knife for your data. It helps you get spatial data into the exact format and structure you need, using a fast, simple and straight-forward process. Python can be used within FME to accomplish tasks either before or after FME runs or to perform tasks within FME which are not possible with standard FME tools and transformers.

In this workshop, I will show where python scripts can be used within a workspace and how it can interact with features. I will illustrate the Python FME API with concrete examples and exercises.

This workshop is designed for people willing to learn how to use Python with FME, no initial knowledge of FME is required.