Martin Pike

Martin Pike has been designing and building software systems for over 35 years,
in many areas, including finance, energy and engineering.
His particular interest over the last few years has been the construction and
management of structured data.
He has been involved in and contributed to a number of W3C initiatives
including: XML, MathML and OWL.
He was a founder of Stilo International plc, which specialises in the
processing of XML data.
He is now involved in building software to construct and manage Linked Data with
particular emphasis on Graphs and their uses.


Getting Data out of CAD and into Python

The ad-hoc export of site data and project layout geometry from CAD/BIM teams, together with its organisation and dissemination, requires significant time and effort. Our work has explored and compared manipulating traditional CAD export formats such as DXF, using the BIM IFC data schemes and enabling exchange using concepts from W3C (Semantic Web) Linked Data initiatives.