Python in a Geologist’s Backpack
2019-06-25, 15:15–15:30, Room 2

A coherent workflow to create maps and models in the field using open-source tools, especially useful for field geologists with limited regional knowledge.

Python in a Geologist’s Backpack

Kristiaan JOSEPH, Olivier KAUFMANN

For a geologist, time in the field is mostly focused on collecting as much relevant data as possible.

We attempted to develop a workflow that can implement an interactive approach where a model and a map can be generated using existing open-source geological modelling tools. Several scripts were combined to provide a coherent workflow fit-for-purpose to a field geologist with time limitations allowing to refine the model and map alongside the field data collection. The scripts rely on the Folium package for mapping, GemPy for intrinsic interpolation model generation and vtk/Paraview for 3D visualization and manipulation.

This approach may have strong impact on data collection decisions - especially in regions with sparse geological knowledge, from making model updates on the fly to providing new insights into data-model sensitivities and relationships.