GeoPython 2020

Shivashis Padhi

Shivashis is a senior student, majoring Computer Science and Engineering at National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India.

He loves earth and atmospheric sciences and pursues them as hobby. With a desire to contribute more directly towards research in these areas, he has developed a keen interest in Geographic Information Systems over time.

He's currently working as an intern at Grofers, building awesome geospatial data management tools. During his internship at Flytbase Labs in summer'18, he started programming parts of the GIS infrastructure in Python and absolutely loved it. He started contributing to Mission Support System around mid-February'19. He has contributed significantly towards the development of mscolab (a collaborative platform for MSS users), during Google Summer of Code'19 under the Python Software Foundation. He is part of a friendly programming club Delta Force, and has written close to 20000 lines of Python.

Very recently, Shivashis open-sourced felicette, a tool to download and process satellite imagery from the command line.

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End-to-end processing of satellite imagery data with Python

With satellite imagery data so abundantly available in the public domain i.e the likes of Landsat-8, Sentinel-2, it's high time that we build automated systems to capture, analyze, and derive meaningful insights out of them.

This talk would be about setting up an end-to-end pipeline with Python to search, process, and output insights from raw earth observation data.