GeoPython 2021

Bins! An easy path to make them using Fast API, PostGIS and JavaScript
2021-04-23, 19:30–20:00, Track 1

In order to manage and analyze geospatial data, more frequently are being used the Binning Process to achieve consistent results. In a more generic way, Binning is the process to group (cluster) points data into defined geometric features like squares or hexagons.

For example, the process that uses hexagon polygons is defined as "Hexagon Binning". Nowadays, this process became more used as provides a quick and efficient way to summarize (clustering) points data, giving a better overview principal when the amount of points are high.

In this talk will be shown and discussed the process to create a WebApp using Fast API (Python), PostGIS and JavaScript (Vue.JS, OpenLayers and Turf.JS) and also a Widget to generate hexagon or square bins, including explanations about the architecture, some alternatives for this process and others insights that will improve and help real time data analysis using the binning process.

Is widely know that in our pathway to find solutions and solve problems we most of the time face situations that can be solved in many ways. But also, in our path to be more productive we commonly pressure by time, project delivers and many others aspects, so we mainly don't have the time to ask for ourselves: "which is the ways to solve this problem? Which is the best one?". Most of time we just start and go.

Besides the technical talk and explanations also will be show that GIS development is not an easy task for sure as we have many technologies and alternatives to execute our tasks.

Taking this into consideration, we will discuss that we can develop the same app and tool in more than one way, specific describing suggestions for architecture, databases, backend and frontend solutions for the binning process.