GeoPython 2021

Interactive mapping and analysis of geospatial big data using geemap and Google Earth Engine
2021-04-22, 16:00–17:30, Track 1

This workshop introduces the geemap Python package and how it can be used for interactive mapping and analysis of large-scale geospatial datasets with Earth Engine in a Jupyter-based environment. We will also demonstrate how to produce publication-quality maps and build interactive web apps.

Google Earth Engine (GEE) is a cloud computing platform with a multi-petabyte catalog of satellite imagery and geospatial datasets. It enables scientists, researchers, and developers to analyze and visualize changes on the Earth’s surface. The geemap Python package provides GEE users with an intuitive interface to manipulate, analyze, and visualize geospatial big data interactively in a Jupyter-based environment. The topics will be covered in this workshop include: (1) introducing geemap and the Earth Engine Python API; (2) creating interactive maps; (3) searching GEE data catalog; (4) displaying GEE datasets; (5) classifying images using machine learning algorithms; (6) computing statistics and exporting results (7) producing publication-quality maps; (8) building and deploying interactive web apps, among others. This workshop is intended for scientific programmers, data scientists, geospatial analysts, and concerned citizens of Earth. The attendees are expected to have a basic understanding of Python and the Jupyter ecosystem. Familiarity with Earth science and geospatial datasets is useful but not required.