GeoPython 2020

Stream cross-section data from high resolution elevation data (crossections v0.1)
2020-09-22, 09:55–10:15, Room 1

A python tool for creating ready to use stream cross-section data from high resolution elevation data e.g. for hydrologic modelling using geopandas, shapely and rasterio

High-resolution elevation data allows improvements in hydrologic catchment modelling, and in particular the estimation and parameterisation of the cross-sectional area. Such information on cross sections is not only needed for floodwater or ecologic stream modelling. It can also be essential for the identification of entry routes for pollutants such as pesticides and fertilizers, where local concentrations can be related to the surface area and/or volume of streams. For this reason, we present a python-based tool to create and analyse cross-sections along stream geometries in combination with high-resolution elevation data (e.g. 1 m). The stand-alone tool creates and analyses cross-sections with different rule-based parameter options (height, angle) to derive ready to use cross-section data as modelling inputs for hydrologic and hydraulic models like SWAT, HYPE, CMF or HEC-RAS. Structures like bridges and culverts can be filtered by topographic data (e.g. road and train networks from Open Streetmap data) to reduce errors in cross-section interpretation.