GeoPython 2020

XYZ, a now Python-friendly geospatial data management service
2020-09-21, 13:45–14:15, Room 1

This talk presents an Open Source, cloud-based, real-time geospatial data management system named XYZ that has recently received a native Python interface developed by the author which aims to make it more attractive to data scientists and analysts.

This talk will briefly introduce you to a family of components under the term “XYZ” that form a system to host, manage, edit, display and share geospatial data. It is explicitly targeted at groups less familiar with the proverbial “geospatial is special” aspects of location data. Developed by these components were gradually released as Open Source and today mainly include a database backend (hub), an online frontend (studio), an online editor, and a command-line tool, all working on the same set of APIs. HERE’s own installation is available online at The newest XYZ member is a native Python interface aiming to make all of this more attractive for data scientists and analysts by giving them access to a secure, flexible, scalable, real-time geospatial data management service.

The presentation will give a short overview of main XYZ features like the organisation of features into spaces, virtual spaces, on-demand indexing, different clusterings, spatial search, schema validation and activity logs, some of which will be shown from a Python perspective with code examples.