GeoPython 2020

How to become painter with ML and iOS → Kunster app
2020-09-22, 14:30–14:50, Room 2

Dreams about becoming a painter can be easily fulfilled with device you carry in your pocket.
The story behind applying style transfer with real-time performance to the video on smartphones.

We will present the story behind the Kunster app, our biggest internal R&D project with all ups and downs. This project needed an interdisciplinary team of people with expert knowledge of completely different technologies. That is why we will provide two different points of view, machine learning, and an iOS perspective. Both of them had quite unique challenges that resulted in first in the world application with real-time style transfer on mobile phones with the usage of augmented reality (AR). Working in this diverse team brought many difficulties and needed a good understanding from multiple sides. Do you want to know more about the magic behind machine learning? How to get it done on smartphones? Want to know more about AR, performance testing? We will show you how to do all of this and excel in your next project.