GeoPython 2020

Josep Sitjar

Geographer and Master in Environment, analysis and Landscape management. Currently studying a professional training course about Web Developing. I’m specialized in GIS since 2007 when I started at SIGTE, the GIS Center of the University of Girona. I’ve been visiting professor in several seminars and short courses in GIS . I’m professor of ‘Remote Sensing’ and ‘Visualization and Cartography’ subjects at UNIGIS-Girona master, and also I’ve contributed at this master with the development of distance learning materials in GIS. As GIS technician, I’ve been involved on the development of many projects related to geospatial information. I’m also professor of GIS at the Geography Department of the University of Girona.

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Analyzing COVID-19 using Python and remote sensing images

Python libraries such as Sentinelsat, HARP and VISAN are very useful in order to download, analyze and visualize long series of remote sensing images. The objective of this talk is to expose how to use these tools to create a cartography map that reflects the mobility and industrial activity decrease during the COVID-19 lockdown.