GeoPython 2020

Ankit Mahato

A die hard Pythonista, Ankit is an open source contributor (numba, titus2) and a former Google Summer of Code scholar under Python Software Foundation. Currently, he is the core developer of the open source Portable Format for Analytics (PFA) implementation - Titus2 for Python 3.x.

Ankit has 6+ years of industrial experience in machine learning, quantitative modelling, data analytics and visualization. Over the years, he has developed an expertise in handling the entire data analytics pipeline comprising – ingestion, exploration, transformation, modeling and deployment. He is a polyglot programmer with an extensive knowledge of algorithms, statistics and parallel programming. He has shipped multiple releases of DB Lytix, a comprehensive library of over 800 mathematical and statistical functions used widely in data mining, machine learning and analytics applications, including "big data analytics".

An IIT Kanpur alumnus, Ankit is also an active researcher with publications in international journal and conferences. He is an active contributor to the Indian Python Community and have previously conducted talks/workshops in:
- PyCon India 2017 & 2019
- SciPy India 2017, 2018 & 2019
- 5th International Conference on Data Science and Engineering 2019
- Data Science Congress 2018
- 5th IIMA International Conference on Advanced Data Analysis, Business Analytics and Intelligence 2017

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Democratizing Machine Learning Model Development

Despite the availability of various modern deployment infrastructures - serverless, containers, servers, on-device; developers are often constrained by specific framework or programming language as governed by their firm's deployment infrastructure. This talk will focus on the emergence of various Model Exchange Formats which are democratizing the process of model development.