GeoPython 2020

Shubham Sharma

Shubham Sharma is working as a Senior Remote Sensing Scientist in the domain of Microwave Remote Sensing at Geospoc,Bengaluru. Previously, he has worked as a Junior Research Fellow on a collaborative project titled "Calibration and Validation of RISAT-1 SAR sensor" with Calibration and Validation Division of Space Applications Centre(SAC), ISRO, Ahmedabad. He has been working with satellite images utilizing python for the past three years. He has also delivered a talk on "Satellite Image Processing with Python" at Pycon India,2018 held at Hyderabad. In addition, he has delivered sessions on "Calibration of SAR data with Python" as a part of the Workshop on Calibration and Validation of Satellite sensors and derived products conducted by TREES, Space Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad from 22 -26 Oct 2018. He loves teaching Python Programming for Satellite image processing and analysis.

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Microwave Image Processing: Exploring SAR images from Foundations to Frontiers through Python

Remote Sensing has proved to be an important tool in monitoring our earth eco-system. The satellite imaging is a vital part of Remote Sensing. Predominantly, Satellite Imaging of the earth has been done in the optical domain and optical Images serve the majority of purpose for earth monitoring. But, these satellites do not have all-weather acquisition capability and this lacuna is filled by the satellite sensors working in the Microwave domain of the Electromagnetic spectrum. Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR) is an Imaging Radar that acquires images of a particular area in the microwave region. This workshop deals with the processing of SAR Images and how these images can be beneficial in a variety of geographical applications.