GeoPython 2020

Ashita Prasad

Ashita is a strategy consultant with a keen sense of technology and its application in business. She has worked across industries spanning - e-commerce, retail, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals; analysing and solving critical business problems via the application of cutting-edge analytics. She also has extensive experience in application development using python as she spearheaded the development of award winning advanced 3D visualization toolkit for optical microscopy at IIT Kanpur (BTech) and developed new Batching algorithms in Python for Operations Management at IIM Ahmedabad (PGP MBA).

Apart from being a data science researcher with publications in the 5th IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Engineering 2019 and Data Science Congress 2018, Ashita is also a full stack Flutter developer and creator of Flutter Gems - A Curated Package Guide for Flutter which is currently being used by more than 3500 mobile developers across the globe.

Ashita is also an ardent Pythonista and an active contributor to the Indian Python Community as she has previously conducted a talk in SciPy India 2017 and a workshop on machine learning in SciPy India 2019.

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Applied Machine Learning in Python using scikit-learn, mlxtend and pandas

The eternal question which haunts every aspiring data scientist is - Where should I begin? Is traditional machine learning still relevant in this era to solve business problems? In this tutorial we will address these questions and take a deep dive into applying some of the most widely used traditional machine learning algorithms on real life use cases using scikit-learn, mlxtend and pandas.