GeoPython 2021

The Open Data Cube (ODC): a very intuitive tool to store, manage and analyse satellite images data
2021-04-22, 18:30–19:00, Track 2

In the era of Big Data, mechanisms to easily store, retrieve and analyze large amounts of earth observation data are needed. The Open Data Cube (ODC) proposes to minimize these complexities, with the use of open source tools (xarray, gdal, rasterio, dask, netcdf, geotiff, postgresql) composed in a single Python interface.

In this talk the attendee will be able to understand what is the Open Data Cube (ODC) , why it is important and some use cases. In addition we will demonstrate a typical satellite image processing workflow in order to show the benefits offered by the tool. In the demo:

  1. We will deploy an Open Data Cube environment in Docker containers
  2. Then, a satellite image is added to the data cube index.
  3. Finally, will query the index and retrieve satellite image data to perform a basic NDVI analysis.