GeoPython 2021

Building custom web administrators for geographic data driven websites with Django
2021-04-22, 14:30–15:00, Track 1

In this talk I will show some of the Django admin core functionalities (routing, ORM, templating, i18n & l10n,...) that will allow us to set up a backend for our web map in just a few steps. I’ll show some of the customizations that we can do out-of-the-box, as well as some of the third-party modules that we can use to include additional functionalities to our backend, such as tabbed forms, REST API, menus, dashboards, adding field types and widgets (geom, rich text editor, color field, …).

In our line of work we are often asked to develop a simple website with a map and a backend administrator to maintain the map data. It happens often that the backend requires more functionality than the frontend, transforming what was meant to be a “simple map” into a rather bulky budget.

Django is a general purpose web framework for Python that comes with a powerful backend administrator ready to use. It can be easily adapted to fit about every need we may encounter and can be used against legacy databases.

We, at the GIS service of the University of Girona (SIGTE-UdG), often use this approach to build simple admin backends in just a few days, making our custom "simple map" projects really simple and much more affordable while keeping a fully functional backend.

In the talk I plan on sharing our experience with this framework, showing some of the most interesting functionalities and how to make the Django admin geographically aware to fit our purposes.