GeoPython 2021

Curie Point Depth Mapping using PyCurious from Aeromagnetic Data
2021-04-23, 12:15–12:45, Track 1

Curie Point Depth is the depth where the earth crust are losing the magnetic ability and the temperature is above 580 °C. The anomalous CPD (shallower depth than usual, approximately at 15km) could be the initial information of the heat source of a geothermal reservoir. The CPD of an area could be estimated by processing the a set of magnetic anomaly data.

PyCurious is a python package that able to calculate Curie Point Depth (CPD) from magnetic data using Tanaka and Bouligand. In this talk, I will share my experience on working with this package to create the CPD map of Botswana for my MSc research using Bouligand method from an aeromagnetic dataset.