GeoPython 2021

eemont: A Python Package that extends Google Earth Engine
2021-04-22, 20:00–20:30, Track 2

eemont is a new python package that extends Earth Engine classes with methods to pre-process (and process) the most used satellite imagery.

eemont was created to speed up the writing of Google Earth Engine python scripts and it extends EE classes with new methods such as clouds/shadows masking, image scaling and spectral indices computation.

Let's take a look at the simple usage of eemont:

import ee, eemont


point = ee.Geometry.Point([-76.21, 3.45])

S2 = (ee.ImageCollection('COPERNICUS/S2_SR')
.closest('2020-10-15') # Extended (pre-processing)
.maskClouds(prob = 70) # Extended (pre-processing)
.scale() # Extended (pre-processing)
.index(['NDVI','NDWI','BAIS2'])) # Extended (processing)

And most of these methods are available for a bunch of platforms such as Sentinel 2 and 3, Landsat Series and MODIS products!