GeoPython 2020 - Call for Participation

We are pleased to announce the 5th GeoPython conference, which takes place in Bilbao, Spain from July 27 to 31, 2020, in cooperation with EuroSciPy.

Please note: EuroSciPy has a separate CfP which starts later this year - only submit talks for GeoPython here.

This event is a great opportunity to meet with other Python & Geo folks, learn about what’s happening this community, and spread the word about exciting projects using GeoPython.

Main Topics of the conference are:
Python in General, GIS / Mapping, Geography / Geophysics / Geodesy / Geomatics, Earth Sciences / Environmental Sciences, Geovisualization, Smart Cities, Spatial Data / Geodata, Geospatial Webservices, Big (Geo-)Data, Data Processing, (Spatial) Databases, Computer Vision, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Mobile Mapping, Indoor Mapping and Modelling, Robotics and Mapping

Other topics are welcome too, as long it is somewhat related to Python and Geo.

First-time speakers are highly welcome.


Submission deadline is Marc 15, 2020

Workshops: July 27 & July 28

Workshops are 2 or 3 hours. The audience will bring their own laptop and will learn some more advanced technologies/modules/…
Please note that the 3 hours workshops have a 30 minutes coffee break, so in total it is only 2.5 hours.

Talks: July 29 and 30

Talks may be either 20 or 30 minutes, though for exceptional proposals other talk durations may be considered.
(In addition, there are always 5 minutes questions, so in total, you have 25 or 35 minutes time)

Lightning talks

Lightning talks will be 5 minutes and time will be strictly enforced. Lightning talks are registered directly at the conference.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available. Check the main conference page for details.

You can enter submissions until 2020-03-15 23:59 (Europe/Madrid, 3 weeks, 4 days).