GeoPython 2024

GeoPython 2024 Call for Speakers

We are pleased to announce the 9th GeoPython conference, which takes place May 27-29, 2024.

Speakers are in-person only, no remote talks

This event is a great opportunity to meet with other Python & Geo folks, learn about what’s happening this community, and spread the word about exciting projects using GeoPython.

Main Topics of the conference are:

Python in General, GIS / Mapping, Geography / Geophysics / Geodesy / Geomatics, Earth Sciences / Environmental Sciences, Geovisualization, Smart Cities, Spatial Data / Geodata, Geospatial Webservices, Big (Geo-)Data, Data Processing, (Spatial) Databases, Computer Vision, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Mobile Mapping, Indoor Mapping and Modelling, Robotics and Mapping

Other topics are welcome too, as long it is related to Python and Geo.

First-time speakers are highly welcome.


Workshops are 120 or 90 minutes. The audience usually tries the new things live on their computers and will learn some more advanced technologies/modules/…

(Workshop presenters get a free ticket to the conference. Up to 2 workshop presenters per workshop.)


Talks are 30 minutes, though for exceptional proposals other talk durations may be considered.
Talks usually are 25 minutes plus 5 minutes Q&A and after the talk there is more time for Q&A in the chat.

This Call for Papers closed on 2024-01-24 12:00 (Europe/Zurich).